• Michelle Halliwell

Skydiving Exhilarating Story

"Dude you gotta do it man!" Shirley says.

"No way. Are you crazy?" Matt replies.

The air rushes by the opened door of the little plane. Matt gazes out at the blue sky surrounding him and the green land far below, recalling how the houses had looked as inconsequential as tiny lego structures thrown about his dirty room as a boy.

"I can't baby," he says.

"I'm going without you. I'll be lonely and empty, without you. Imagine husband and wife, in the air," she says.

She leaps.

Before Matt has time to think another thought, he leaps too. The air slams into him as his belly drops.

"OOOHHHHHHH YYYYYYEEEAAAHHHH!" he yells into a vacuum. He looks around but can't see Shirley, then he looks down and to the left, she's there.

Then her parachute balloons and just like that, she is above him. She reaches for him and her reaches for her. Then he pulls the chord. Nothing happens.

He pulls it again. Nothing happens.

"Shirley! Shirley! My chute! Oh shit!" he yells.

Shirley looks down as Matt is flailing. She thinks about the 2 million dollar life insurance policy taken out on her husband and she feels much better about failing to properly pack his parachute.


©2019 by Michelle Halliwell