• Michelle Halliwell

Stories of Mass Murder

Try to imagine every single person that you will ever meet, say; ten-thousand people over the course of your entire life. Try it now. In his communist purges, Chairman Mao killed 4,250 people for every single person you will met; Hitler killed 600 jews, and abortion killed 4,600 unborn babies. We must ask ourselves, how do these atrocities happen? This article will tell three stories of mass murder.

When Mao won the Chinese Civil War, his country had been ravaged by 100 years of humiliation and invasion by imperialists. Domestic atrocities due to political instability had also ruined many lives. Despite hard times, Mao’s communists pledged to create a world of economic equality. When the communists seized the property of entrenched landlords, business owners, and capitalists; it became clear that their revolution had created an entire class of enemies. To defeat the hard times of the present, in order to create a brighter future, the Capitalist Problem had to be solved. In order to do what needed to be done, Mao dehumanized his enemies by labeling them “Counter Revolutionaries”. After all, Mao was fighting a revolution for communist purity so whoever followed him was one of the good guys. That is how Mao eliminated his political enemies, killing at least 42.5 million people.

When Hitler rose to power, Germany was haunted by the humiliation of losing World War One and the harsh economic sanctions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles. In spite of the deep humiliation felt by the German people, Hitler assured them that the Aryan race is superior to all other races. Hitler blamed the Jews for the plight of the German people, portraying them as an inferior race that came to Germany to monopolize banks and subject the superior Germans to exploitation. To defeat the hard times of the present, in order to create a brighter future, the Jewish Problem had to be solved. To make it easier to attack them, Hitler’s propaganda machine attacked the very idea that Jews were people too, characterizing them as a “subhuman virus”. Hitler appealed to the German belief that they were superior, killing in the name of racial purity. Thus, Hitler led his country to murder 6 million jews.

When a woman becomes pregnant, she’s haunted by what people will think of her as well as the terrible prospect of losing her economic independence to motherhood. Even though she faces a dilemma, she can still assert her independence as a woman and free herself to pursue prosperity. Many feminists and pro choice proponents came to view pregnancy itself as the problem, treating unwanted and unborn babies as unwanted property which could be disposed of. To defeat the hard times of the present, in order to create a brighter future, the Unwanted Baby Problem had to be solved. To hide what abortion really is, the scientific community stopped calling unborn children babies, instead calling them “fetuses”. Through overcoming pregnancy by abortion, women attained liberation and healthcare. That is how 45.7 million unborn babies were slaughtered in the United States.


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